Small Business Health Insurance Has More Benefits Than You Might Think

If you own a small business, a group health insurance plan will take care your employees … and you.

Owning a small business has many benefits. One of those is the ability to keep your employees happy – and gain some tax advantages – by offering a group health insurance plan. If you have between two and 50 employees, then small business health insurance is designed for you. This type of group health insurance provides medical care for yourself and your employees – generally with lower premiums and more extensive coverage than individual health insurance policies.

This not only allows you to provide a great service to your employees, but may also help reduce your own personal health care expenses. Plus, small business health insurance plans typically provide great tax deductions for your business. Employer contributions to a small business health insurance plan are generally 100% tax deductible, and employees save on payroll taxes too.

Offering a group health insurance plan can help you hire and retain the best workers, and provide great advantages to you long term. Since no one can be turned down based on medical history, group health insurance coverage also protects workers or family members who might otherwise go uninsured. We partner with the best group health insurance providers in the nation to make a great small business health insurance plan easy to obtain for anyone.

Ready to get started? Simply tell us about your company and employees. We’ll show you affordable small business health insurance quotes from a number of leading companies in your area. Then you’ll be the new office hero!